Knowledge Sector Initiative

The Knowledge Sector Initiative or KSI is a joint commitment between the governments of Indonesia and Australia that seeks to improve the lives of the Indonesian people through the implementation of better quality public policies that make better use of research, analysis and evidence. KSI seeks to achieve this by supporting the capacity building of policy research institutes, improve the quality of their research to meet policy maker’s needs, improve systems and regulations in government to support research-based policy making, and to develop effective models for procuring and using research to strengthen policies that will benefit the country’s poor. The program will also be working with various organisations involved in making research-based evidence accessible to policy makers and used by civil society organisations, advocacy networks and the media.


Fiscal Policy Agency – Ministry of Finance 

Fiscal Policy Agency (FPA or Badan Kebijakan Fiskal) is an echelon I unit under Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia, which has the strategic role as the formulator of fiscal and financial sector policy recommendations, with the scope of work covers analysis in macro economy, state revenue, expenditure and finance, financial sector and international cooperation.  FPA consists of seven units which are Secretariat of the Agency; Center for State Revenue Policy; Center for State Budget Policy; Center for Macroeconomic Policy; Center for Financial Sector Policy; Centre for Climate Finance and Multilateral Policy; and Center for Regional and Bilateral Policy.


Yayasan Inovasi Pemerintahan Daerah (YIPD)

Yayasan Inovasi Pemerintahan Daerah (YIPD) is an independent, non-profit, technical service foundation and a sustainable resource of ideas, concepts, and innovations on a relevant set of local government topics and sectors impacted by Indonesia’s decentralization program. YIPD aims to positively contribute to Indonesia’s ambitious decentralization process by enabling local governments to more professionally manage local resources and effectively and efficiently provide services to local constituents. YIPD works in partnership with local governments and their associations, community organizations, institutions of higher learning, donors, and the private sector to achieve good local governance in Indonesia. Began as a USAID initiative, YIPD has become an independent Indonesian foundation with funding from an ever-diversified range of sources.



SurveyMETER is a non-governmental research institute founded in 20th February 2002 with the main office located in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The institute aims to help provide insight to policy makers and the general public with a better understanding of the factors that influence healthy public policy and sustainable, as well as provide accurate and reliable data. SurveyMETER collaborate with agencies, policy makers, and domestic and international researchers to design, plan, and implement high-quality data collection. SurveyMETER hope it can help improve the design of social policy, economics, education, health, and disaster by improving the quality of research in which the policy is established.


ANU Indonesia Project

ANU Indonesia Project is a leading international centre of research and graduate training on the society and economy of Indonesia. The Project was established in 1965 by H.W. Arndt in response to profound changes in the Indonesian economic and political landscape. Initially comprising a small group of Indonesia-focused economists, it has since grown into an interdisciplinary research centre. Researching economic change is still at its heart, but the Project now brings together academics, students, policymakers and leaders from a range of disciplines and countries to discuss the multitude of issues in Indonesia’s growth and development. The Project has helped build greater understanding between Indonesia and Australia and fostered important relations between Indonesian and Australian scholars, students and policymakers.


The Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA)

The Indonesia Regional Science Association, or IRSA, is an association established to actively promote the advancement of research regarding issues of development, particularly regional development, across Indonesia. Formed in 1997, IRSA organizes annual conferences in collaboration with its university partners across Indonesia.


Sebelas Maret University

Faculty of Economy and Business of the Universitas Sebelas Maret was established based on the Republic of Indonesia President Decree Number No. 55 of 1982. FEB UNS achieves a comparable level in the national accreditation (BAN-PT). All undergraduate level programs has accredited with A level from national high education accreditation team (BAN-PT). As in international level, FEB UNS has developed international collaboration such as Curtin University, Purdue University, International University of Japan, Loughborough University, Univeristy of Twente, Canberra University, La Rochelle University, and many more. FEB UNS has been registered in the three international accreditation organizations as well such as Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB), the Alliance on Business Education and Scholarship for Tomorrow (ABEST 21), and the Association of Asia‐Pacific Business Schools (AAPBS).

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