Photo Courtesy of AdityaDarmasurya (wikipedia.org)


Surakarta or popularly known as Solo is located at a strategic point that connects Semarang to Yogyakarta, and Surabaya to Yogyakarta. Located in a strategic position, Solo becomes an important business center for the surrounding districts. Solo is recognized as a traditional Javanese city that preserves local traditional values and culture. Moreover, Solo is well-known as the city of culture and the capital of batik. With the slogan “Solo, the spirit of Java”, the city is determined to maintain, preserve and develop local culture. The main tourist destinations are the Kasunanan and Mangkunegaran palaces, Radya Pustaka and Keris Museums, Batik Danarhadi Museum, Antik Market Windujenar. In addition, Solo has been regularly hosted cultural carnival such as Solo International Performing Arts, Solo International Music Festival, and Solo Batik Carnival.  Finally, Solo is the main center of services industry particularly trading in Central Java that has worked collaboratively with the surrounding districts. The main trading centers are Pasar Klewer, the main textiles and batik trading centers and Laweyan Batik Village.

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