The conference’s one-day social program will be conducted on Wednesday, 25 July 2018. The fee of this social program is IDR 300,000 (approximately US$ 22) and it is not covered by your conference registration. If you are interested, you need to register your name and pay the social program fee at the Social Programme desk near the registration desk by 5 pm on 23 July 2018.

Those who have registered and paid the social program fee, should gather at the lobby of the Best Western Hotel, Solo Baru, at 8 am, or would be considered withdraw from the program (program fee, however, could not be refunded). We then will visit the following tourist destinations:

1. Mangkunegaran Palace

The first destination is the Pura Mangkunegaran; a palace in Surakarta established in 1757. It is a Javanese cultural and art centre with a collection of antique from Mataram and Majapahit kingdoms.

2. Batik Museum by Danarhadi

Surakarta is well known as the centre of batik. In order to preserve and develop the art and industry of batik, a local batik entrepreneur H. Santosa Doellah initiated the establishment of batik museum in 1967. Visitors are able to enjoy more than 1,000 pieces of batik from all over Indonesia. This museum has the largest collection of batik in Indonesia. In addition to batik displays, visitors will be able to see the making of batik.

3. Tea Plantation at Kemuning, Karanganyar regency

The third destination is tea plantation in east Solo. The plantation is located at the Kemuning, Karanganyar regency. Visitors will be able to have their lunch followed by a cup of tea while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

4. Sukuh Temple at Karanganyar Regency

The program is ended by visiting a cultural heritage of Sukuh temple, located near the tea plantation of Karanganyar regency.