Pre-Conference Workshop : Impact Evaluation Method

This course is an introduction to rigorous and policy-relevant impact evaluation techniques in economics and public policy. The course’s main emphasis is on evaluating the effect of a policy or a naturally occurring event on the economic and social wellbeing of individuals who are exposed to the event. The course has a strong focus on applications. The primary aim of the course is to equip students with tools that sharpen their skills as both consumers and producers of applied quantitative research.

Learning outcomes:

1. Understand the reasoning behind and the rationale of major impact evaluation techniques.

2. Be able to determine the appropriate technique in order to rigorously evaluate the impact of an event.

3. Be equipped to apply those techniques in a real-world setting.


1. Introduction to course

2. Causal inference and randomization

3. Matching methods

4. Differences in differences

5. Panel data techniques

6. Instrumental variables

7. Regression discontinuity design

8. Field experiments