Pre-Conference Workshop : IFLS Data Utilization

The Indonesia Family Life Survey  is a large scale, longitudinal, multi-topic household and community survey of living conditions that was fielded by RAND Corporation in collaboration with Indonesian counterparts (the IFLS4 was fielded in collaboration with SurveyMeter and PSKK UGM).  The first wave of IFLS1 (1993) was fielded in 13 provinces that were representative of 85% population of Indonesia. Since then the surveys had been conducted in 1997 (IFLS2), 2000 (IFLS3), and 2007 (IFLS4). Since then, publicly available data from the four rounds of IFLS have been used in research conducted by international scholars and appeared in peer-reviewed journals. The IFLS data have also been used to inform policy makers (the Government of Indonesia) and researchers at donor institutions interested in micro-level analysis of the Indonesian population.

The Workshop
The IFLS is a rich data set but it is also a very complex data set. The data are organized into hundred of files with different levels of observation. Linking the files with different levels of observation within a survey round requires a significant level of effort and linking observations between the longitudinal rounds is an even more complex task. Users of the data are expected to be familiar with statistical software and have good understanding of the survey instruments. The efforts required to be able to use the data are sometime daunting especially for policy makers or non-academic researchers.

As part of the effort to encourage utilization of the IFLS data, SurveyMeter organizes workshops targeted at audience who are about to start their research using the IFLS data sets. The workshops are offered at different levels: the Basic level for those who are not yet familiar with the Stata program and need to learn both Stata and how to analyze IFLS data sets using Stata; and the Intermediate level for those who are already familiar with Stata but need an efficient way to get acquainted with the data sets and to be able to analyze the data in a short time.  Instruction will be provided on how to merge , combine, reshape the data correctly for analysis. Instructions and illustrations will be provide on merging files at individual-to-individual level, individual-to-household, household-to-community, as well as Individual across survey rounds (longitudinal).  The workshop can also be customized to the audience’s needs. More recently, SurveyMeter team were invited to provide 3-day workshops to advanced researchers who are already well-versed in Stata but who still need guidance to navigate and use the IFLS data correctly and more efficiently.

Unlike  IFLS data training offered by other institutions. SurveyMeter IFLS data utilization workshops are taught by staff with years of experience on collecting and using IFLS data.  Participants well get unique insights from the instructors who have been involved in the development of the modules and actual data collection of the IFLS.